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After having practiced chiropractice, in combination with other European healing methods in Germany for many years, I opened a practice in Keene, New Hampshire, in 1985. This practice has been active in the same location ever since. We can look back at thirty years of uninterrupted patient care. In our practice in Keene we practice chiropractic treatment methods, which is the manual and mechanical correction of spinal mal-positions (subluxations). These subluxations come about through injuries and accidents as well as numerous stress factors. We know a body, giving the chance, will keep itself healthy. When electrical signals between the brain and the spinal cord and the remainder of the body are scrambled dysfunction and ultimate illness will result. Aches and pains are the most common indicators.



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In our practice we developed highly effective and pain free methods of spinal correction. Intervertebral disc decompression (stretching/bending) of the spinal column is our preferred method. This can be applied to the neck for the treatment of problems affecting the head, neck, shoulder, arms and hands, as well as for organs within the chest. Decompression of the lumbar spine for the treatment of low back pain, abdominal disease and conditions affecting the legs (e.g.. sciatica, restless leg syndrome) have demonstrated to be very effective.

We employ a number of tools and devices to improve the effectiveness of the treatments with very favorable long-term outcomes.





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