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FAQs - Questions and Answers

1. Q. What type of problems do you treat?
  A. Problems associated with the skeleton are most appropriate. This consists of the head, neck, spine, arms and hands, legs and feet. The tissues involved are muscles and nerves, tendons and ligaments. The symptoms may be acute or chronic tenderness, aches and pains, even numbness or tingling. We understand these are telltale signs. In all cases we look for the underlying problem.
2. Q. What other health problems do you treat?
  A. Often, health problems which do not seem to be musculoskeletal improve since the nervous system is the body's mainframe computer. If you have computer problems, you will have subsequent output problems. In this era of factory processed foods, mass produced foods, fast foods, and convenience foods, many people actually suffer from "malnutrition". They border on starvation, despite the quantities of food they consume. With targeted, specific nutritional supplements, we try to help them correct the malnutrition.
3. Q. What conditions do you not treat?
  A. We will not treat fractures, tumors and cancers.
4. Q. How experienced are you?
  A. Having graduated with a chiropractic degree in 1977, and practiced uninterrupted since, I have over 40 years of experience and there are not many conditions that I have not seen or treated. In addition to continuous education and constant reading, I employ a number of unique instruments which help me greatly in providing a well rounded health restoration and health maintenance service.
5. Q. How much does it cost?
  A. That depends on the severity of your problem and your ability to heal. It also depends on you willingness to stick with the treatments and the recommendations.
6. Q. What is your main mode of treatment?
  A. Gravity and the addition of lifting puts a compressive force onto the lumbar spine. The head exerts considerable stress on the neck because of its weight and the mobility of the neck. Therefore, we believe that decompression or stretching of the spinal column is both needed and effective. It is also pleasant to experience. There is no spine problem without a disc weakness. Our treatment emphasizes primarily the treatment of the involved disc and, secondly the other problems such as misaligned vertebrae and spastic muscles.
7. Q. How come with "cracking" one feels so much better most of the time and why not so with decompression?
  A. Misalignments are only possible in the presence of bad discs, or conversely, alignments will not hold in the presence of a bad disc. We emphasize the treatment of the weak, damaged, injured or degenerated discs so that in the long run a misalignment will not reoccur. The benefit is long term wellness.
8. Q. Does it hurt?
  A. Our treatments do not hurt. They are not painful or uncomfortable. Some patients even doze off while receiving a treatment.
9. Q. How long before I am feeling well?
  A. That will vary depending on the problem. For a patient with no history of back problems, a few sessions may suffice. The larger your "problem", the more you procrastinate,  the longer it will take to heal.
10. Q. What if I don't improve?
  A. There are several possibilities why you are not improving. Stop doing what started the discomfort/pain initially (if that is possible), and do the things which help. We hope to be able to give you guidance in that area. Another reason is that your doctor has not recognized the true nature of the problem or you have been misdiagnosed and therefore, "mistreated".
11. Q. Do you take X-ray films?
  A. First we try to find the source of discomfort/pain. If, after a couple of treatment there is no improvement, we may recommend that X-ray films or other studies to be taken.
12. Q. Do you perform lab work?
  A. Routinely we do not do lab work. We have clinical tools to make a safe assumption of your condition. If extensive lab work is needed, we refer you to your physician.
13. Q. Where is your practice located?
  A. We are located at 11 Bridge Court, Keene NH. Just off West Street next to State Farm Insurance and diagonally across from Starbucks. You may reach us at (603)-352-3817
14. Q. What are your business hours?
  A. The office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am-5:30pm with a short break for lunch. We are available after hours if necessary. We are closed Wednesday.


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