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European Precision Chiropractice Treatments

Methods and tools in support of chiropractic treatments:

Infrared temperature scan:

Deviations in temperature indicate chronicity and acuteness of a condition and will be used to monitor progress.
Measurement of vertebral mobility:
Hyper- and hypo mobility indicate abnormality of spinal mobility and it is indicative of problems.
Intervertebral disc treatments:
Specialized treatment tables allow for the dynamic (involving motion) treatment of deteriorated or diseased intervertebral discs anywhere in the spine.
Therapy of muscles:
Hot packs and cold packs, low-volt and low-amp instruments and ultrasound instruments are employed in the treatment of painful and spastic muscle disorders.
Other departments:
Under the name of Restore Health Resource we investigate the cause of disease and treat illnesses and conditions which have their origin in missing nutrients. Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and other components of real food) have definite functions in the human metabolism. Synthetic supplements have no nutritional value. If any component is absent for any length of time the body will develop symptoms of unwellness. We developed and practice a method by which we can, with great accuracy, determine what the underlying problem is.
Bioresonance, a modern German form of biofeedback:
Everything in the whole universe vibrates. Visible light and its colors are a very specific vibration to which our retinas respond as "colors". There are invisible vibrations on either side of the color spectrum. Every body part has its characteristic vibration. Even a disease has its typical vibration. Dr. A. Morel believes in the future a disease will be diagnosed by its characteristic and typical vibration with the use of instruments. By using kinesiology it is possible now to determine with great accuracy the likelihood or presence of a particular disease. Kinesiology can be used to find the most appropriate remedy. In our practice we use nutrients derived from whole foods or homeopathic substances. The transfer of a characteristic vibration can improve the function of an organ (like reprogramming) or mitigate an illness, depending on the desired outcome. Bioresonance follows the exact laws of Wave Propagation in physics.
Hidden problems or subclinical health problems:
Many health problems are a long time in the making, some people say twenty years. It is then when corrective steps should be taken. But what is likely to break down and how will the illness manifest? We have two computer-driven instruments with which we can detect early deviation from the normal. It is the low-level sub-clinical condition which will eventually manifest itself in degenerative illness. We try and desire to prevent chronic degenerative illness from developing. In the advanced stages of degenerative illness heroic measures are taken (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery). A "cure" is attempted; but it never succeeds.
Health and wellness:
The optimal condition at which a person can be is called "health". This is the perfect state of physical, chemical and mental/emotional/spiritual balance. Wellness is a little less. Nevertheless it is the state of being where the person is able to perform all tasks of daily living and pursue his interests and hobbies, as well as work, without undue effort. The degree of wellness is an individual measure. Wellness is a realistic goal towards which we strive. In summary: We treat acute and chronic illnesses involving the spine and the back and illnesses, which are the result of an "unhealthy" spine. We also work with patients who do not really know why they are not well. 

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