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The United States Patent Office issued patent number 8,133,260 to
Dr. Ben Kellner Spinologist (chiropractor) and Massage Therapist.

This patent is for a new type of treatment table and the method for its use.

The treatment table and the method are specifically designed to treat low back health problems. Low back is defined (in practical terms) as the area from the 10th rib to the legs and feet.

The principle of action is that of flexion-distraction, or the stretching and elongation of the (compressed) vertebral column. The primary purpose is to reduce pressure and irritation (inflammation) of nerves and the spinal cord by assisting the lumbar intervertebral ligaments, also known as the lumbar discs, to regain their normal height and shape. This does not involve the "cracking" of spinal joints.

The result is a reconstructive effect on discs, vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and tendons and a straightening of the vertebral column within its physiological limits.

The method involves the extension, anterior flexion, lateral flexion and axial rotation all in one movement, while still maintaining a straight spinal column. The invention makes allowance for the different thickness (anterior to posterior distance or stomach to back distance) for different patient sizes.  The action is very gentle and relies on slow pleasant repetitive movement. The results are good long-term benefits.

The new invention is bases on observation over a period of 35 years of treating low back disorders. Chiropractors believe problems involving discs and vertebrae are the result of misalignment (subluxation). Dr. Kellner believes the break-down of the integrity of the disc allows the misalignment to occur. Dr. Kellner's method is to treat the intervertebral ligament, considering a misalignment (subluxation) to be the secondary event.

Dr. Kellner currently practices and has practiced in Keene, New Hampshire for the last 25 years and his total years in uninterrupted practice is 35.


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