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Our Mission

Our approach to health care focuses on the patient's overall health. Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, non surgical health treatments. Our goal is to find the root of the problem and assist your body in the healing process.

Why Chiropractice?

When the body is experiencing pain or discomfort, it is the body's way of letting you know that something is not functioning properly, or perhaps the body is displaying symptoms of disease. By the time these symptoms appear, the cause of the problem has gone unnoticed for a long period of time.

What if you could treat the cause of the symptoms BEFORE the illness appeared?

The goal of chiropractice is to optimize health without the use of drugs or surgery, to restore the body's systems naturally to it's proper balance, so that your body's systems can work together.

We employ a number of tools and devices to improve the effectiveness of the treatments with very favorable long-term outcomes (see our treatments).


We are a provider with most insurance companies.  Please contact your insurance company for a detailed report of your coverage.


We are conveniently located on Bridge Ct, just off of West Street in Keene (click here for directions).


Conditions Treated


Diseases of Intervertebral Discs


Spinal and pelvic  misalignments


Muscle Spasms


Sprains & Strains


Neck pain


Shoulder Pain








Nutritional Deficiencies



European Precision Chiropractice 603-352-3817
11 Bridge Court, Keene, NH 03431